Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kindle App on the iPhone

Recently, I was very excited about buying the new Kindle with international wireless. After doing a little bit of research, I stumbled upon the Kindle App for iPhone. Guess what, it is an excellent app. You can easily buy books from the Kindle store and it will appear on your iPhone. The iPhone app was so easy to use that I wonder if it is really necessary to buy the Kindle Reader.

Granted that the Kindle reader has a bigger screen and the battery lasts longer than the iPhone, but the iPhone screen is good enough for me. If you intend to read a book continuously for a long time, the Kindle may be better on your eyes, but for a quick read to kill time, the iPhone is good enough.

One thing I found lacking in the Kindle app for iPhone is the settings button. There is no way to prevent the app from using the wifi/3G/GPRS network for internet access when you don't want it to.

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